Blessing Bags: Service to the Homeless Community in Austin

Have you ever imagined what life living on the street would be like? Ever want to do something; anything for those you see holding their signs on the streets of Austin? If you have, then we have a way you can become part of the answer to help a person in need. Each week that they are available, Real Life has “Blessing Bags” available for pick-up after church services in the Connect Center.  What is a Blessing Bag?  It is a gallon sized ziplock. filled with important and necessary items. This is where we need you. We are in need of donations of:

–          White crew socks

–          Travel size toothpaste and toothbrush

–          Travel size shampoo

–          Travel size hand sanitizer

–          Small bottle of water

–          Granola bar

–          Gallon size zip lock bag

Your donated items can be delivered to: 7700 Hwy 71 West, Ste 350, Austin TX 78735 or Brought to a Real Life Austin Church Service.  Thank you in advance! (For more information or questions, please fill out a contact card.)