Ghana Update | Changing Our Lives Through Changing Theirs


Today, while many students and children in America, go to school not giving much of a worry about what clothes they will wear, or if they have clothes to wear to school, this is not the case in Vea, Ghana. School uniforms are a requirement to attend school. Yet for many children, their families do not have the funds necessary to have uniforms made. Today, in Vea, this happened: Children were measured for their school uniforms.

This program is only available to the children of Vea, as result of our Child Sponsorship Program! We thank you for your ongoing support of this program, and for giving these children a fighting chance.

Over the next several days, the children we measured and the village seamstresses put to work, making these much-needed uniforms. The uniqueness of this project is not only are the children receiving needed uniforms, but the village seamstresses are receiving much-needed employment as we are paying them fare wages to sew the uniforms.

The lives of the children, as well as the lives of the men and women of Vea are being changed because of the kindness and generosity of strangers, who they have never met, like yourself, who sacrifice that one dinner out a month, or one stop at Starbucks each week, just so they can be part of making a difference in the lives of the children of Vea. Will you join me? Will you consider making such a sacrifice? A sacrifice of $40 each month, ensures children of Vea have food in their belly, immunization shots, school books and supplies as well as school uniforms. We cannot do it alone. It takes a village. It takes you to sponsor. Go to

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