Sponsorship Update | Changing Our Lives Through Changing Theirs


This morning, while we were sound asleep here in the United Sates, children in Vea, Ghana were receiving school uniforms.

For 140 children, they no longer will arrive to school in torn, old uniforms. Many children no longer had uniforms they could even wear to school. For our sponsored children, today they received their new school uniforms! In addition to our sponsored children, we provided uniforms to all of the new Kinder children. Uniforms in Ghana are required in order to attend school. We are fortunate in Vea, that the wonderful Headmaster, does not require his teachers send children home who are either, not in uniform, or are in soiled, ripped, “unpresentable” uniforms, but rather works with the families. In turn, we have dedicated to each year, not only help the sponsored children receive uniforms throughout the year, but also to provide uniforms to the new students, and any students that Headmaster alerts us, cannot afford their uniform.

Each year, through Real Life and Talata’s Child, we have uniforms made, hiring the seamstresses and tailors of Vea, to make school uniforms. In doing so, we not only impact the family of the child receiving the uniform, but we impact the seamstresses and tailors’ families, by bringing jobs into their community.

This program is only available to the children of Vea, as result of our Child Sponsorship Program! We thank you for your ongoing support of this program, and for giving these children a fighting chance.

(Pictures below are before and after receiving their uniforms)






Will you join me in being a part of this important effort in Ghana? Will you consider making such a sacrifice? A sacrifice of $40 each month, ensures children of Vea have food in their belly, immunization shots, school books, supplies as well as school uniforms and Secondary school scholarships. We cannot do it alone. It takes a village. It takes You… To sponsor, go to https://myreallife.org/give/ Half-way down the page, you will see child sponsorship section. Complete the form and you will be assigned a child that is waiting for a sponsor. You will receive information on your child within the next week. #Bethechange #differencemaker #rllf